Team Ireland Emerging Squad -2019

Team Ireland Emerging Squad

The Emerging Squad will replace the previous Development or Elite 2 Squads.

Emerging Squads will contain those players, who it is believed, have the potential to progress into the Elite Squad in the next few years, if not sooner. These players may or may not be currently on International Teams. This does not mean that players outside of this list cannot leapfrog this squad into the Elite Squad.

All Players within these Squads must abide by the Athlete Agreement Form that will be issued by the High-Performance Coach.


Laura Cassells                                   Sam Barkley

Allana McKee                                    Nigel Beggs

Megan Morrow                                 John Byrne

Lara Reaney                                      Ryan Cavan

Chloe Wilson                                    Cameron Gaw

Robert Kirkwood

Stephen Kirkwood

Ryan McElroy

Dean Mills

Jack Moffett

Jack Montgomery

Colm O’Brien

Alan Paul

Gareth Pierpoint

Jordan Rankin




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