Success Series: Irish Women’s Triples Make Their Mark at World Bowls 2023

Success Series: Irish Women’s Triples Make Their Mark at World Bowls 2023

The Irish women’s bowls team made their country proud at the World Bowls Championships in Australia, with the triples team of Sophie McIntyre, Shauna O’Neill and Chloe Wilson clinching a bronze medal.

It was a monumental achievement, especially for rising stars Shauna and Chloe, who had taken the bold decision to uproot and train in Australia in the lead-up to the championships.

“Moving out to Australia was a tough but very rewarding decision that Shauna and I made. The conditions are extremely different to what we play at home…this experience definitely helped in my medal chances, knowing when to play the right shots at the correct time.”

Representing the Tweed Ospreys club and winning the State Pennant title gave Chloe and Shauna vital exposure to the top international talent.

“Playing alongside top international women gave me the confidence to play my best bowls. I learnt a lot from the girls down at Tweed such as learning how to adapt my game when the wind starts to pick up and how much the conditions change.”

One particular highlight was their dramatic quarter-final victory over England, where the Irish team demonstrated incredible resilience to battle back from a seemingly hopeless position.

“We trailed behind by 10 or more shots for the majority of this game…We kept our heads down and started to string a few ends together, this left us going into the last end 2 shots down. Sophie and Shauna played a super end leaving myself two bowls to draw for a tie end. I was confident in myself for drawing another shot to force the tie end, fortunately both bowls ended up counting and we got the win!”

The success of the men’s team also drove the women on, as Chloe explains: “To add, the success of the men’s team drove us on as we were attempting to become the highest medal returning Irish team. A feat that we were able to secure, this is something that I was proud to be a part of.”

The support of Sport Northern Ireland’s Sports Institute staff was also crucial, with Chloe highlighting the benefits of their expertise.

“Sports Institute were a great supporter of the whole World Championship team. They provided guidance on many areas including; hydration and nutrition, physiology, psychological and physical resilience.”

Chloe’s advice for aspiring bowlers is simple yet effective: “Start every end with a clean slate, your next bowl is always your biggest bowl. Take full advantage of your last free bowl as these shots can make the difference.”

What an incredible achievement for the Irish women’s triples team! Their bronze medal was the icing on the cake for a highly successful World Bowls campaign. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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