Success Series: European Mixed Pairs Gold for Ireland!

Success Series: European Mixed Pairs Gold for Ireland!

We’re thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievement of Zoe Stratton and Stephen Kirkwood, who won the Gold Medal in the European Mixed Pairs tournament in Tenerife!

Reflecting on their success, Stephen said: “What a great and memorable tournament. We set off to Tenerife not knowing the run of the greens. We had 2 practice sessions and felt the green was tricky and somewhat unreliable with the wind. But we started off our group games really well and settled into the tournament with confidence after the first 2 days play.”

The pair faced some tough competition, but as Stephen shared, “We knew we had to keep ourselves playing consistent to stay top. We came to the Scotland game knowing it would be our biggest game. Thankfully we both played to our top level and came away with the win to put us in a comfortable position to qualify for finals.”

The gold medal match against Guernsey was an exciting affair. “We had got off to a good start in the final until the Guernsey skip played a bomb of a bowl to tie the first set with a 3. I remember thinking this is not going to be our day.”

But Stephen and Zoe showed their true grit. “We moved onto the 2nd set and Zoe was absolutely brilliant! She played her best game of the Tournament and gave me very little to do, which allowed us to manage the game out and claim Gold!”

“What a great feeling knowing our hard work, time and commitment has paid off earning Gold for our Country! There is no greater feeling!” added Stephen.

The Irish Bowls Federation and Sports Institute NI played a crucial role in supporting Zoe and Stephen throughout the tournament. “The IBF and SINI kept us educated throughout the tournament – dealing with the warm weather, long games, hydration and well fuelled to keep pushing at our best standard! This showed as we came out on top.”

Huge congratulations to Zoe and Stephen on this incredible achievement! This success is a testament to the talent and dedication of our Irish bowls team. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish next! 💚

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