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Regional Academies – Performance Analysts


As part of the roll out of Regional Academies for 2019, I am pleased to announce that Gary McElroy and Colin Campbell will be carrying out the role of Performance Analysts.

These roles will involve the use of newly developed analysis spreadsheets, which have been created to help develop players, and ensure they get the appropriate skills and training moving forward.

Both Gary and Colin will not only be involved in the Regional Academy Set up, but will also provide assistance to the High-Performance Coach with the Elite Squads.

This will ensure that there is a consistent approach in the development of players from entry level in the High-Performance Pathway right up to the Elite Level players.

Both men will bring a wealth of experience to the set up and I wish them every success.

Work is ongoing in the appointment of Regional Co-Ordinators in the Regional Academies and once they are in place they will be posted on the IBF Website.


Neil Booth

High Performance Coach




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