Irish Bowls Federation Officers


Ivan Lynn
Mob: 07703 379747


Tommy Smith
Mob: 07803 211326

IBA Representatives:

J. Millar

R. Horner

IWBA Representatives:

J. Dowds

B. Cameron

IWIBA Representatives:

J. Montgomery

A. McKillop

2 Responses to “Irish Bowls Federation Officers”

  1. Hi my name is Margaret Smith and I am the secretary of Disability Bowls England.
    do you have an organisation in Ireland which we could contact with a view to involving Ireland in the Home Nations Bowling events for people with disabilities, which we have established with Scotland and Wales. it would be great to have Ireland represented in these events.

    I look forward to your reply
    kindest regards

    • Hi Margaret,
      First of all, can I apologise for the very tardy response to your comment on the IBF website.
      The current COVID pandemic has been and continues to keep us busy over the past few months.

      I was until recently the Secretary/Treasurer of the Irish Bowls Federation, however as I have stepped down can I give you the contact details of the new incumbment (see below). Please contact Tommy directly so that it will be added to our Agenda for future meetings of the IBF.

      The area of disability bowls has been handled at an arm’s length from the main Bowls organisations but this is something we are looking to change so your inquiry is opportune.

      New Secretary/Treasurer:

      Tommy Smith
      Mob: 07803 211326

      Best regards


      Colin Campbell
      Tel: 07885 930613

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