Irish Bowls Federation welcome Belfast City Hall invite

Belfast Lord Mayor Nicola Mallon tries her hand with some young bowlers from Dundonald High School

(From Belfast Newsletter)


The Irish Bowls Federation’s Ian McClure and Chris Mulholland recently had the opportunity of promoting the game at Belfast’s City Hall, on an invite from Lord Mayor Nicola Mallon.

Both McClure and Mulholland have taken up the post of Talent Development Officers at the IBF.

“It was an opportunity to invite a number of interest groups from across the bowling spectrum for a demonstration, including wheelchair bowlers, visually impaired bowlers, school kids, elite players, along with officials and local representatives from the Belfast area,” said McClure.

“We really appreciate the invite from the Lord Major, who took a great interest in the groups who attended. It was also an opportunity to let people know the type of bowling facilities that are available to them, especially the younger generation. Chris and I will be focusing on youth development and looking at existing development at clubs,” he added.

“Our role of Talent Development Officers will give us the opportunity of visiting clubs and schools with a view of setting up coaching courses, and other initiatives.

“It’s important to let people know, even the kids at school, that there are clubs available if they want to try their hand at the sport. Many people don’t realise there is coaching available at most clubs. We hopefully can improve on that and get the word out there.”

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