Elevating Performance with the Sports Institute Northern Ireland

Elevating Performance with the Sports Institute Northern Ireland 💪🏻

The Irish Bowls Federation is proud to work with the Sports Institute Northern Ireland to support our High Performance team in achieving their full potential. Through this partnership, our athletes receive world-class support in four crucial areas:

• Psychological Resilience: Developing mental toughness to perform under pressure, handle the demands of competitions, and maintain composure in challenging situations. 🧠

• Physical Resilience: Building core strength, balance, and stamina to endure long events and maintain optimal physical form throughout competitions. 🏋️

• Nutrition and Hydration: Empowering athletes with knowledge on proper hydration and fuelling their bodies with the right categories and types of food to optimise performance during extended play and tournaments. 🥗

• Physiology: Enhancing the body’s ability to recover quickly and achieve peak condition for every event, ensuring our athletes are primed to compete at their highest level. 📈

Through this comprehensive approach, our High Performance team gains a competitive edge, equipping them with the mental, physical, and physiological tools to excel on the international stage.

We are grateful for the expertise and support of the Sports Institute Northern Ireland in helping our bowlers reach new heights of success. 🙌

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