Announcement of Ireland Elite and Emerging squads


The following players have been selected for the Elite Squad which will stay in place until the completion of the Commonwealth Games in 2022. 

Elite Squad                                                              Elite Squad

Sam Barkley                                                             Catherine Beattie

Stuart Bennett                                                        Megan Devlin

Stephen Kirkwood                                                 Sarah Kelly

Andy Kyle                                                                 Megan Morrow

Simon Martin                                                          Shauna O’Neill

Jack Moffat                                                              Ashleigh Rainey

Ian McClure                                                             Lara Reaney

Martin McHugh                                                      Courtney Wright

Adam McKeown

Alan Paul

Aaron Tennant

Mark Wilson

** Gary Kelly – The Selectors reserve the right to select Gary Kelly at any stage through the lifetime of this Squad, however Gary will remain in Australia during this time **

The following Emerging Squads will stay in place until the completion of the Commonwealth Games in 2022. 

Emerging Squad                                                     Emerging Squad

Mitchell Albert                                                        Laura Cassells

Ryan Cavan                                                              Katherine Houston

Cameron Gaw                                                         Sophie McIntyre

Cahal Gillen                                                              Allana McKee

Matthew Hastings                                                 Zoe Minish

Robert Kirkwood                                                    Mia Patterson

Ryan McElroy                                                          Beth Whittle

Dean Mills                                                                Chloe Wilson

Colum O’Brien                                                        

Jordan Rankin

Adam Rankin

Adam Stratton

The Selectors reserve the right to add or remove players to these Squads throughout this period.

Players should confirm their acceptance with Neil Booth on 07834958136 by text. 

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